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Lindy Earl has been helping people for decades, as a Sunday School teacher, Speaker, 
Entrepreneur, Author, and Chaplain. Lindy will listen and encourage you through life 
experiences, traumas, to find happiness. When you are ready to marry your true love
or need to have a ceremony for a loved one, you can rely on Lindy for that as well.

Life can be hard and definitely has its ups and down. Do not despair. What you are dealing with is common to everyone. Yes, others in this world have experienced the same things with which you're dealing right now.

One-on-One Listening and Advice
You can go through it alone or you can ask for help. You can choose one-on-one sessions in person, by zoom, or by phone. Chaplains are available to help you.

Improve Corporate Culture
If you don't love going to work, it may be the culture that has developed. Invite us in, as often as once a week or once a month. The benefit of having a Chaplain in the office is immeasurable. Half day and day rates available.

Officiate at weddings, renewals vows, baptism, and end-of-life celebrations
We are experienced with multiple types of ceremonies, from marriages, renewal of vows, baptisms, through end-of-life-celebrations. Contact us to learn how we can be available for all your needs.

Consult and offer support 
Church attendance has dropped in recent years, but we can help you rebuild it. We also help rebuild church activities and ministries: Men’s, Women’s, Youth, Children’s, Divorced, and Seniors.

When you need ideas and help for socials, lock-ins, retreats, domestic and international mission trips, you don't have to reinvent the wheel. We have ideas of what will work well.

Pastoral care 
Give your Leaders a place to turn for personal and professional growth.

Interim and Guest Speakers
When you need a Biblical or Motivational speaker for a retreat, seminar, conference, or to allow pastoral vacations or vacancies, we are here to help you.

Services We Offer
Certified Chaplains
Reach - Exceed - And Live Milestones