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• Listen 

• Improve Corporate Culture

• Officiate 

• Consult to build church attendance 

• Offer ideas and support 

• Provide Pastoral care

• Furnish Interim and Guest Speakers 


Certified Chaplains and Advisors are available to help you today.
What We Do
Our Impact
Our goal is to help those who are looking for help and encouragement. In addition to advising sessions, we have numerous articles, some of which have been made into a book, available for free at your request.

Whether you need support due to grief, such as dealing with a death or a divorce, marital or family sessions, or someone to listen to you due to an unhappy history, you can make the decision to begin your journey today.
Turnabout 180, a subgroup of REALM Ministries, began in 2007 and received 501(c)3 status in 2009. 

Reach - Exceed - And Live Milestones

We work with people who are struggling with life issues, from divorce or death of a spouse, to catastrophic losses; from daily challenges and depression to finances; from past hurts to present day unhappiness. We work with churches to help with ministry and church growth. We provide support for Pastors.

We use a sliding fee scale.  

Contact us today to learn more or make an appointment to begin your journey to a happier you.

Lindy is available to speak at events, from Bible Studies to Retreats to Seminars and Conferences. Topics include, but are not limited to Relationships, Stewardship, Communication, Leadership, and Financial Budgeting.

Contact us at [email protected] 

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